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White Is Cool!

Over the years, consumers colour preferences have changed from Silver, Black to White.

Today, white is a standard colour for most digital devices like computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and related gadgets & accessories. Furniture, furnishings including fashion wear, shoes and watches are now easily available in white compared to 15 years ago. A quick glance on the road, you can easily see many local, Japanese, even Korean and European manufactured cars in white.

For interior design, white is the new black. It makes all the spaces; exhibition floor space, shop front, café, F&B outlet, retail kiosk, office reception, office desk or pantry, conference room, living room, kitchen or bedroom immediately lighter & brighter. It makes anything small like furniture items immediately appears to be larger and “older” items become newer as well.

With our White inspired furniture rental collection - Sofas, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Ottomans, Bar Stools & Spandex Covers, you can match them easily with any event décor, backdrop design and other furniture. White is a neutral colour that pairs up well

with most colours – even with orange to red to yellow or even bright pink or fluorescent green, you can’t go wrong!


is a colour that defines purity - cleanliness and innocence and r

eally fits in with today's aesthetic and lifestyle.



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