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Sleek Square White Cocktail Table & White Bar Stools

Traditional round cocktail table style often called Bistro Tables or High Bar Tables. These tall tables give Event Planners great flexibility and allowing them to transform an empty space into a comfortable place for guests to mingle, place their drinks or move around.

With Square Cocktail Tables, it can be as versatile to give you that special touch. Without a table cloth, spandex cover or skirting, it will work well for any event. 

These tables add elegance and brighten up any event including a media briefing, wedding foyer and a dance floor too.

White being the most popular choice has the benefit to make the event venue look classy & pristine, brighter and enhance the effects of designer/ venue lighting. Last but not least, white matches well with the sleek & adjustable Bar Stools and blends nicely into any décor or theme colours.



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