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LED Furniture

Today’s LEDs are super-compact, don’t emit heat and use just a fraction of energy. With its flexible plastic design, it is used in a myriad of innovative ways compared to other conventional types of lighting.


Using LED technology, you can illuminate your event with our LED Cocktail Tables and LED Cubes. These furniture are easy to operate, made from PE (polyethylene) and water resistant (IP65), thus making it suitable for outdoor events as well.


Using a wireless remote control to change colours, adjust light brightness and flashing intensity – allowing you a quick selection of 16 static colours & 7 flashing colours. Plus, you can adjust it to match the event theme colour(s) and/or the company’s corporate brand identity.


With its rechargeable lithium battery, it can light up between 10-12 hours with every 4 to 5 hours of battery charge.


For your next function or event, wow your audience with our LED furniture!


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