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15 Reasons You Didn't Win That Event Pitch

In an event pitch, every event management agency has an equal opportunity to convince the Client why they should place their event in the agency’s hands. If you didn’t get the recent event pitch, you and your team members might be asking why.


Below are the most common 15 reasons:

Getting a chance to present your event ideas and activation plan for a potential Client is exciting and can be fun too at first. However, learning you didn’t get the job can be disappointing and frustrating too. You can turnaround a disappointment by learning from your event pitch mistakes. Below are some of the most common mistakes to take note:


You Didn’t Understand Your Audience 

You Disrespected Their Budget 

You Didn’t Lead Strong

Your Language Wasn’t Appropriate

Too Much Fluff Not Enough Substance

Your Pitch Looked and Sounded Like Everyone Else’s

You Put the Wrong Ideas in Their Heads

You Didn’t Listen

You Didn’t Respect Their Time

You Didn’t Use Storytelling 

You Didn’t Use Exciting Language 

Your Presentation Got Lost 

You Didn’t Show You Were a Problem Solver 

You Didn’t Include Before/After and Social 

You Didn’t Take Advantage of the End


In Conclusion

If you didn’t land that event pitch, it’s not the end of the world; but if you don’t use that experience to improve future pitches, then it is wasted time. Review your performance, assess how it met (or didn’t meet) your Client’s needs, and use that information to improve future pitches. Go out there and don’t give up and just do it!



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