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Furniture Repair & Reupholstery

You don’t need to buy new furniture as some of your favourite sofas or chairs that has sentimental value can be repaired & reconditioned. A worn-out sofa, chair or your favourite recliner can be reupholstered - with a new look!

Most of the time you will see some broken office chairs lying or dumped in one corner of the office storeroom. These office chairs can be repaired - saved & reused. If a roller castor has dropped off or your chair can’t move up or down because the gas lift is not functioning, don’t worry, it can be replaced.

Café chairs or restaurant furniture can be reconditioned and repaired too.

Our furniture repair services:

  • Furniture repair

  • Furniture re-upholstery upgrade including replacement of foam & fabric

  • Replacements of office furniture accessories – armrest, wheelbase,

castor wheel, gas lift & tilt mechanism.

For Sofa or Office Chair repair enquiries, just give us a call - Elaine @ (012) 287 3717 187 or drop us a short message in the “Contact Us” tab in our website.

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